Kerala PSC- GK - Questions and Answers- Set 1

Question1:-Who won the Miss Universe 2018?
 A:-Catriona Eleesa Gray
 B:-Demi Leigh Nelpeters
 C:-Manushi Chillar
 D:-Vanessa Ponce
 Answer:- Option-A
Question2:-Sahodara Sangham founded by K Ayyappan at
Answer:- Option-A
Question3:-Which among the following amendments of Indian constitution added the fundamental duties of citizens?
 A:-40th amendment
 B:-41st amendment
 C:-42nd amendment
 D:-44th amendment
Answer:- Option-C
Question4:-Who is the Reserve Bank Governor of India at present?
 A:-Urjith Pattel
 B:-Shakthi Kanth Das
 C:-Reghuram Rajan
 D:-D. Subbarao
Answer:- Option-B
Question5:-Who attained Samadhi at Panmana?
 A:-Sree Narayana Guru
 D:-Swami Agamanada
Answer:- Option-C
Question6:-Which one of the following right of Indian the constitution guarantees all the fundamental rights to every resident of the country?
 A:-Right to equality
 B:-Right to freedom
 C:-Right against exploitation
 D:-Right to constitutional remedies
 Answer:- Option-D
Question7:-The part of the Indian constitution that reflects the mind and ideals of the framers is
 A:-Fundamental Rights
 B:-Directive principles
 Answer:- Option-C
Question8:-Which article of Indian constitution deals with the abolition of untouchability?
 A:-Article 17
 B:-Article 18
 C:-Article 20
 D:-Article 19
Answer:- Option-A
Question9:-Indian constitution has borrowed the concept of 'republic' from
 A:-Constitution of USA
 B:-Constitution of Canada
 C:-Constitution of France
 D:-Constitution of Britain
Answer:- Option-C
Question10:-Auther of "Malaya Vilasam" is
 B:-Kodungallur Kunhikkuttan Thampuran
 C:-A.R. Rajaraja Varma
 D:-V.T. Bhatathirippad
Answer:- Option-C
Question11:-An incident in Kerala history is known as "Black Hole of Podannur". Which is this incident?
 A:-Keezhariyur Bomb Case
 B:-Punnapra Vyalar Incident
 C:-Kayyur Riots
 D:-Wagon Tragedy
Answer:- Option-D
Question12:-Auther of "Aphante Makal" is
 A:-Bhavathrathan Namboothirippad
 B:-V.T. Bhatathirippad
 C:-Karoor Neelakantan Namboothiripad
 D:-T.R. Krishna Swami Iyer
 Answer:- Option-A
Question13:-Which of the following article of Indian Constitution deals with the Right to Equality before law?
 A:-Article 11
 B:-Article 12
 C:-Article 13
 D:-Article 14
Answer:- Option-D
Question14:-Where did Sreenarayana Guru installed a lamp as idol?
 Answer:- Option-B
Question15:-In which year a royal proclamation was issued to abolish all restrictions in the matters of wearing dress?
Answer:- Option-D
Question16:-Which Travancore ruler issued a proclamation to abolish all restrictions in the matters of wearing dress?
 A:-Uthradam Tirunal Marthandavarma
 B:-Sri Chitra Tirunal
 C:-Gouri Parvathi Bai
 D:-Sethy Lakshmi Bai
Answer:- Option-A
Question17:-Slavery was abolished in Travancore by a royal proclamation issued in
 Answer:- Option-C
Question18:-Who is the current ISRO Chairman?
 A:-A.S. Kiran Kumar
 B:-Shailesh Nayak
 C:-K. Radhakrishnam
 D:-Kailasavadivoo Sivan
 Answer:- Option-D
Question19:-Which social reformer was arrested and imprisoned by Travancore ruler Swathi Tirunal?
 A:-Chattampi Swamikal
 B:-Vaikunta Swamikal
 D:-Brahmananda Sivayogi
 Answer:- Option-B
Question20:-Who is known as the father of  political movement in modern Travancore?
 A:-Dr. Palpu
 B:-G. Parameswaran Pillai
 C:-K. Kelappan
 D:-T.K. Madhavan
 Answer:- Option-B

(GK Questions from Question Paper Code: 22/2019/OL, Category Code: 059/2018, Exam: Live Stock Inspector Gr.)

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